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The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations: they're easy with DSEasy.

Comply with DSE Regulations

DSEasy will enable you to comply fully with the DSE Regulations at little cost per person, because DSE users self-assess, so you don’t have to. They complete their DSE assessment online, after they have received and understood the DSE Training.

Advice of Risk

DSEasy’s DSE self-assessment will advise you immediately if anyone has an ache or pain relating to their use of DSE. This ergonomic checklist will also identify for you if you are not meeting any of the minimum requirements at any workstation, and who has any issues they have been unable to resolve themselves that may lead to RSI or another MSD.

A Wealth of Experience

We have over 20 years experience in the corporate world of DSE Training and DSE Assessments. As well as providing our online DSE training and assessment software, we undertake thousands of face to face DSEassessments and run DSE Assessor Training courses, somewhere in the UK most weeks.

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What our customers think of DSeasy.
  • I found the online assessment very useful it was clear and straightforward.
    New triallist
  • Hi Gerald,
    We successfully trialled the DSeasy software and we are very pleased with it.
    Please progress to the next level of implementation.
    New customer is pleased
  • I like the DSeasy program format wherein knowledge, assessment and the opportunity to implement changes, as well as state why the changes may or may not be able to be implemented is provided, analysed and feedback given on all areas.
    It is a program I would like to see implemented at my workplace
    29 October 2015
  • "To this day, of all the DSE reporting tools I have used DSEasy is by far the simplest and most concise and I have recommended it as I go along." DSeasy customer
    Praise for the Administration Suite
  • I really like the fact that users can exit the module and resume at a later date. This is very useful at *removed* as many of our staff will be interrupted and have to come back to it. I also really like the fact that the certificate automatically builds their name into it (others we have seen before require the delegates to write their name which does leave room for forgery).
    KJ Learning for Development Coordinator HR – International Cosmetics giant
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